FOSSMeet '23


long long back by nsd

സ്വതന്ത്ര സോഫ്റ്റ്‌വെയർ യോഗം

Almost all the CSEA/FOSS executives of NITC.

Day 1 is done and the starting was fun. Its really nice to see a lot of like minded people together and coding. I got a similar vibe to the medical conferences which I used to attend with my dad.

Panel discussion

The event has the gist of tathva. But the majority of the people who attend the event have the same interest. So all the talks are fun. The flash is less but personally as a CS student I enjoy this event far better.

During the panel discussion one of the speaker mentioned that for contributing to a open source project, you don’t really have to code. You can document your learning experience and that can potentially help a lot of people in learning the project. He mentioned that half of the job is to stay connected and talk with the people who are actively contributing.

I am just gonna fill the rest of the post with the pics of the event in almost chronological order. I don’t have the patience to articulate everything that hapened in detail.

After the event got concluded Devdutt and a few of us are having some chill discussions. These informal discussions were one of the major highlights of FOSSMeet for me.

A cat came into the hall where lecture was happening and Cliford got it out

Half of the Skechers geng (Leno, Me & Mani) taking pic with Abin’s (NITC FOSSCell Sec) Nokia 3310

Me asking questions to the helix maintainer. I couldn't give up my vim loyality that easily for the new kid in the block.

After the event finished a few of us stayed for cleaning. We danced, sang … fun stuff.

A few of our super seniors (B17CS) came for FOSSMeet. They were old FOSSCell guys. Took us out for food. Me and Cliford got a chance to meet Edwin. He was the OG SSL admin who had setup the cloud infrastructure for SSL.

Photo with seniors before leaving them of to new mega hostel.

Executives talking about FOSSMeet after 10 years late at night after FOSSMeet. These random talks that we have with friends were awesome.

FOSSMeet executive t-shirt

One of the planing meetings. This picture should come at the start of the post. A lot of these meetings made this event possible.